Late September to October is the best time of year to focus on boxelder bug prevention. By getting it done in the Fall you will be able to prevent them from over-wintering inside your home!

BOGO’s Scott Dorn talks about over-wintering pests with Twin Cities AM1130 radio:

Boxelder bugs want to get inside the walls of our homes where it is warm enough to survive the harsh Minnesota winters. They use the house as a place to over-winter, in a hibernated state. They hide behind the siding and within the wall voids. Did you know they are attracted to some homes more than others? Yes, it’s true. They really love homes that reflect the UV light from the sun. They especially love homes that have large West-facing or East-facing walls that catch a lot of sun. The reflecting sunrays draw them towards the walls.

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-Stephanie in Eden Prairie

When it starts to get cooler at night, they huddle together in a ball to try and maintain their body heat. Remember, they are cold-blooded and rely on the warmth of the sun in order to move. If you go outside in the early morning, you can see them huddled up together in the rocks, mulch, or even on maple trees.

Do you know what makes them decide they need to find a place to over-winter? The simple answer is, ques from the environment. They are very sensitive to temperature changes. When it drops below 40 degrees and then climbs back to 65 degrees, they start showing up to find a place to hibernate.
It is a good idea to do what you can to seal up cracks, holes, and areas that may have come apart. However, these insects can bypass the smallest of openings, often ones that are natural to the construction of the home.

If you’ve noticed these pests moving into your home, BOGO Pest Control can prevent the whole cycle by treating the exterior of your home in the Fall.

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