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Minnesotans love the outdoors with our gorgeous lakes, rivers and wooded areas. While outside is wonderful, we still want a warm, secure place inside when the weather is too hot or too cold outside. We are not the only ones looking for shelter from the Minnesota climate – pests want to come inside too. At BOGO Pest Control, we understand that to eliminate pests, you need to prevent them from entering your home or business. We have designed a pest prevention plan that works because it is customized to each of our clients for their pest problems.

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BOGO Pest Prevention Plan

Many pest control companies make their living by eliminating pests in homes and businesses. While this is a lucrative way to earn money, it does not benefit their customers. You can spray, trap and remove pests month after month, but if you do not stop them from entering your home or business, you will continue to have a pest problem. At BOGO Pest Control, we are different. We believe pest control means elimination, exclusion and prevention. Our Pest Prevention Plan is customized to each client to address their specific concerns, eliminate existing pests, and stop future infestations with our 3-step process.

Step 1

Inspection for Pest-Entry Points

We thoroughly inspect your home or business for pest activity. Our crew will carefully inspect the entire exterior to find entry points that can be sealed to stop mice and other unwanted pests from getting inside. Cracks, holes and small gaps can not only let in pests, but they can drive your energy bills up each month. After our inspection, we will create a customized Pest Exclusion Service for your property, a plan to eliminate the pest-entry points on your home. The Pest Exclusion Service is a written estimate that will include the cost of the service and what it includes.

Step 2

Develop a Customized Pest Prevention Plan

During your pest evaluation, our team will interview you to find out what kind of pest issues you have had in the past few years. We ask questions to determine what insects, rodents and other pests are causing problems on your property. Once we determine what pests are an issue for your home or business, we customize your Pest Prevention Plan to match your needs. We issue you a written proposal that will cover the services and costs of your customized Pest Prevention Plan.

Step 3

You Decide – No Pressure, No Gimmicks

At BOGO Pest Control, we strive to be different than our competitors that use pressure tactics to get customers to sign service contracts. If you’re not happy with the service you have to “PAY” to get out of the contract! That is NOT Pest Control! We create a customized Pest Exclusion Service and Pest Prevention Plan, and then we let you decide if it’s right for you. All of our services must be based on Science and Prevention. We guarantee we will control the pest issue for you. We provide a service agreement with you to target the pest issue. If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel the agreement at any time. We stand behind our service, we are committed to keep your structure rid of pests. If we do not meet your expectations you are not under a contract, you can stop service at any time. We always go the extra mile to make it right. Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied. 

If you are ready to experience a pest-free home or business, contact us at BOGO Pest Control to learn more about our customized Pest Prevention Plan.

Our 5-Star Reviews

I own a large warehouse and have used several Pest Control Companies over the years. All the providers I’ve used just check the box. I had a difficult time targeting rodents in my facility. The previous technicians provided no other solutions or support. I did my research to find a company that would provide me with what I was looking for. BOGO Pest Control did three times the work the other companies provided combined! They have completely sealed all the openings to prevent rodents from entering. We went from a time of not being able to get the rodents under control before BOGO. Today we have the building under control. I highly recommend BOGO Pest Control for your commercial pest needs.

Sam A.
“We had bought a house in Plymouth 3 years ago to find out we had mice. We looked at several pest control services and discover BOGO was the only company that would do a 2 year warranty on their services. It cost a little more but was worth every penny. The owner used to do something totally different and found he had mice. He dedicated himself to figure out how to mitigate it. He found that if you find the entry spot, you control the mice. He would not leave our home until he discovered our mouse entry point to seal it. He did, and it has been 3 years and we are still mouse free. He is the best and you would be a fool not to hire him.”
Frankie Alan Greer

“Really impressed! We’ve been in our home about a year; the seller’s had used BOGO in the past for mice. We were still in the warranty window from the seller’s previous service when we caught a mouse in our furnace room. One phone call and they were out within a day. They spotted a few new problem areas in our exterior soffits and sealed them up. Also talked us through what to watch for and set a few more traps (so far no more mice). All included in the warranty we inherited from our seller, no questions asked. You have to love a company that does good work, backs up their service and is very responsive and professional along the way. Highly recommend!”

Barbara Theisen

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