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Commercial Pest Control

A pest problem on your commercial property can hurt your bottom line. Whether you own a restaurant downtown with a rodent problem or manage a Manufacturing facility with an infestation, pests can quickly impact your business. You need a long-term solution to rid your commercial structures and property of pests to protect your investment. At BOGO Pest Control, we offer advanced options in commercial pest prevention and exclusion for businesses and organizations in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

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Commercial Pest Prevention and Exclusion Plans

BOGO Pest Control is not just another exterminator that will control your pest problem. Our approach to pest control goes beyond pest “management.” Our focus is on prevention first to stop the problem where it starts. While it can be difficult to prevent all pests on commercial properties, simply exterminating them as they enter your buildings and property will be a losing battle.

Our professional pest prevention crews customize pest prevention and exclusion plans for each client. We complete a thorough investigation and evaluation of your commercial property to determine the best plan for the extermination of existing pests and the prevention of future infestations. Our pest experts can design a plan to eliminate common pest-entry points to provide long-term protection from mice, ants, wasps, hornets, and other pest infestations.

Result-Based Pest Control

Pest control is part of many business’ overhead costs – manufacturing, restaurants, property management, medical facilities and many other industries require effective pest removal services. While many pest control companies offer service contracts to manage pest problems, these commission-based crews have little incentive to eliminate pests for good. At BOGO Pest Control, we do not lock our commercial clients into pest control contracts but instead, offer result-based service agreements.

Our mission at BOGO is pest prevention and exclusion for our clients. Our service agreements are based on our company providing a service for a set price – if we do not deliver on our promise, our clients have the option of canceling our service: no contracts and no long-term commitments. We will work to earn and keep your business by providing exceptional service and pest prevention year-round.

If you want to keep your business or commercial property pest-free, contact us at BOGO Pest Control. We offer complete commercial pest prevention and exclusion plans for all types of businesses and organizations in the Twin Cities area. Call today to schedule your pest evaluation and customized quote.

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We Serve The Following Industries

Commercial Pest Control in the greater Twin Cities area


Keeping your store free from nuisance species is important not only for the safety of your customers but also the reputation of your business. Retailers and grocers should keep a watchful eye for insects, rodents, and other pests as their presence might indicate a bigger problem at hand. Nip infestation problems in the bud year-round with help from our experts at BOGO Pest Control.

Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities in Woodbury, MN


When it comes to the Healthcare industry, maintaining a sterile, hygienic environment is of utmost importance. The presence of rodents, insects, and other invasive species can pose threats to the wellbeing of patients and staff due to the spread of bacteria and contamination of surfaces. Our team will work to ensure that your practice is free from these hazards and upholding CDC policies.

Pest Control for commercial businesses in Wayzata, Minnetonka, Prior Lake, and more.


Pests are drawn to food by nature. Hence, the food and beverage industry is one of the most susceptible segments of business, making the need for pest control absolutely critical. With disease causing bacteria, viruses, and unwanted organisms being brought in by rodents, insects, and other pests, it is vital to the safety of your customers to have your business inspected for signs of contamination.

Commercial Pest Control in Apple Valley, MN

Property Management

In terms of property management, residents want more than anything to feel safe and comfortable in their living environment. Pest infestations make this peace of mind far more difficult to obtain due to the harmful ramifications they present to both your tenants and employees. That said, a proactive pest control approach will not only help increase satisfaction and retention rates but also prevent irreparable damage to both your property and reputation.

Pest Control for Schools in Eagan, MN


A healthy academic institution is a successful one. Poorly managed pest problems in the education industry can lead to health risks for children, faculty, and staff, resulting in lower attendance rates and productivity. And with many schools having environmental conditions conducive to pest problems, it is of utmost importance to integrate a pest control program that allows for safe learning environments year-round.

Commercial Pest Control in Eagan, MN


Monitoring your lodgings for signs of pests is an important part of the hotel management process. With customers expecting a safe and enjoyable stay, it’s critical to your reputation and profits to ensure that pests aren’t interfering with their experience. A pest control professional like BOGO Pest Control can help prevent infestation issues before they arise.

Our 5-Star Reviews

“We had bought a house in Plymouth 3 years ago to find out we had mice. We looked at several pest control services and discover BOGO was the only company that would do a 2 year warranty on their services. It cost a little more but was worth every penny. The owner used to do something totally different and found he had mice. He dedicated himself to figure out how to mitigate it. He found that if you find the entry spot, you control the mice. He would not leave our home until he discovered our mouse entry point to seal it. He did, and it has been 3 years and we are still mouse free. He is the best and you would be a fool not to hire him.”
Frankie Alan Greer

“Really impressed! We’ve been in our home about a year; the seller’s had used BOGO in the past for mice. We were still in the warranty window from the seller’s previous service when we caught a mouse in our furnace room. One phone call and they were out within a day. They spotted a few new problem areas in our exterior soffits and sealed them up. Also talked us through what to watch for and set a few more traps (so far no more mice). All included in the warranty we inherited from our seller, no questions asked. You have to love a company that does good work, backs up their service and is very responsive and professional along the way. Highly recommend!”

Barbara Theisen

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