Carpenter Ants in Minnesota

Minnesotans are lucky! They don’t have to worry about wood destroying insects like termites. Termites are rare to find in Minnesota and when they are discovered they are almost always brought in by receiving lumber [...] continue reading

Wasps Celebrate Summer!

There are 30,000 known species of wasps in the world. Only about 1,000 are considered to be social wasps that build a nest site with multiple members. The other 29,000 are solitary wasps. The most [...] continue reading

Snakes Love June

June is a special month in Minnesota when it comes to snakes. You may be wondering why June would matter to a snake? The simple answer to that question is, typically, in the month of [...] continue reading

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants vary in color and size. Typically, large black to reddish black, ranging in size of up to 5/8th of an inch. A carpenter ant colony consists of a primary nest and multiple satellite [...] continue reading

Pavement Ants

When a customer calls about ants, my first priority is to identify what type of ant it is. There are several different types of ants that a homeowner may see. Pavement ants are one of [...] continue reading

Voles are Mice in the Meadow

Have you ever wondered what has been happening underneath the snow during the winter months? This past winter was brutally cold with temperatures dropping well below zero. Looking out the window, you can think that [...] continue reading

Pest problems are ever-changing in Minnesota. While mosquitos, mice, ants and other common pests have been in our area for centuries, new pests are finding their way to the land of 10,000 lakes. Bugs like Asian Beetles or black-legged ticks are newer arrivals to our area, and not everyone knows how to manage these new pests. At BOGO Pest Control, we are your local experts on pest prevention and exclusion for residential and commercial properties in the greater Twin Cities metro area. We are also your source for pest information and what you can do to control pests on your property.

Informative Pest Control Tips

Not every pest problem requires an exterminator. Our team at BOGO Pest Control is happy to come help when you need a comprehensive pest prevention plan to keep mice out of your home in Prior Lake or rid your restaurant of ants in St. Paul. However, we also know our neighbors in the Twin Cities area need to be vigilant to protect themselves and their property from pests. Some insects can be dangerous, and it is important to know what to look for and what to do if you spot a venous spider or a Lyme-carrying deer tick. We offer our blog page as a resource for all pest-related problems, with tips to keep you, your family and your property safe.

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Our blog page contains valuable information on pests that are common in our area and what you can do to minimize your risk of pest problems. From dealing with the onslaught of Asian beetles each summer to preventing mice invasions every winter, our pest experts share their knowledge on the best way to fight common pest problems in Minnesota. Stop by our blog page to check out our newest posts or follow us on social media to keep up with the latest pest information from our team at BOGO Pest Control.

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