BOGO Pest Control is unlike any other pest control service here in Minnesota. We are a science-based, trustworthy, reliable, and local company. Our google 5-star rating speaks for itself.  BOGO’s Mouse Exclusion Service is our signature service we started in 2000. We strive to stand out from the rest of the pest control industry by offering our customers a 2-year warranty with our mouse exclusion service. The majority of pest control companies want to trap you into signing a 1 or 2-year contract and charge you a monthly fee to “solve” a mouse issue.

Bogo Pest Control’s mouse exclusion service is extremely thorough and can permanently fix any residential and commercial mouse problem. It is difficult to find a company in pest control that wants to solve a customer’s mouse problem on the initial service rather than prolonging it and having the customer pay for multiple services over a long period. The materials we use are long-lasting and mouse-proof. Unlike other pest control companies, we don’t go around the structure stuffing holes with inferior products like steel wool or duct seal. Bogo Pest Control wants everything to be sealed tightly and securely so that all the entry points are sealed for years to come. This is why Bogo backs its service up with a 2-year warranty.

The way Bogo Pest Control’s  2-year warranty works is, during the initial exclusion service our techs will seal any entry points on the outside and they will also set traps inside the home to catch any mice that may be trapped inside after the exclusion job is done. We have a 30-day wait period after our techs seal up the foundation. After 30 days if the customer is still trapping mice, Bogo will send a tech to reassess the property to see if any entry points are open or breached and seal them. Any reassessments the customer has after the 30 days are free for 2 years depending on limitations found around the property. Any limitations will be discussed during the inspection and may result in a 2-year 2-visit warranty, which includes 2 free reassessments after the initial 30 days are over.

Take time to look around your property and inside your house. There may be some evidence that you never noticed before indicating that your house has a mouse problem. Start in your basement, if you have any unfinished rooms where you can see insulation above the foundation look to see if any small circles or tunnels are poking through the insulation. If you do, those holes are made from mice tunneling through the insulation to nest or to retrieve nesting material to build a nest in another location. Other signs of mice would be if you see something called a rub mark. These can be visible from the outside and inside of your property. In unfinished basement rooms, you may notice dark black or brown smudges along the top of the cinder block or poured foundation. Rub marks can be commonly found in corners, around windows, inside garages with open cinder blocks, and if you have a stucco or brick house along soffits and vents on the outside of the home. Rub marks are mouse-sent trails put on the structure after mice ran across that particular area multiple times. Mice are attracted to each other’s scent and constantly leave small urine trails everywhere they go. Over time if they use the same entry point over and over again a residue builds up and leaves a rub mark. This is one of the main ways in which mice find their way inside a structure.

If you have any other questions about how to get rid of mice or are thinking of moving forward with Bogo Pest Control’s signature mouse exclusion service please call the office to schedule a home mouse inspection today! You can also visit our mouse service page to go over more details and tips on how to get rid of mice.

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