Spiders are abundant next to woods and water because of other insects around our homes. Spiders are a predator, feeding on insects and other spiders. If that is the case, one would think that having spiders on or in the home and buildings would be a good thing, primarily when they feed on other insects.

The trouble of having too many spiders on the home is they leave a huge mess! Their excrement is challenging to remove, leaving white and black stains on the siding, decks, door, and window trim. This unsightly mess also includes unwanted spider webs! Have you ever noticed when you shop vacuum or remove the spider webs under your front porch or under the soffit that the spider webs re-appear in just a few days?

Spiders also leave the unsightly mess of “spider sacs,” they are very sticky and hard to remove. They are white in color and look like the end of a Que-tip. Each spider sac contains up to 250 spiders! When they hatch, there will be more spiders, more spider webs, and more unsightly excrement!

Many people are not aware there is a specialized service to target spiders. We disturb or “knock down” the spider webs and treat all four sides of the exterior. The spider comes out of its hiding area to rebuild the web, it crosses over our treatment and is dead in less than 30 minutes. The best part of our service is when all the spider sac hatch, they’re so minuscule that they’re dead within minutes.

No more Spiders and best of all…No More Unsightly Spider Webs!


Spider Facts: Spiders are in the arachnid family and not the insect family, as they have eight legs whereas, insects have only six.

One of the biggest myths about spiders is that they’re waiting to bite us. It is rare for spiders to bite people. If you pick one up, or if you happen to roll over on one while you’re sleeping, you may get bitten. However, it is something that would only happen because it is trying to defend itself.