For the past sixteen years, I’ve talked to thousands of people about their pest problems and the number one complaint by far is about Centipedes, “You know, the ones with a thousand legs and they move really fast!?” If this includes you, you’re not alone!

House Centipedes show up seemingly out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. It’s important to understand why they are there. Their dinner consists of insects, arachnids, and small arthropods. They really prefer areas where it is damp and dark, especially basements and crawl spaces.

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Start on the outside of your home first. Does your foundation have cracks and gaps? If you do seal the gaps in your foundation yourself, make sure you use long-lasting products. Using expanding foam can be quick, but it is vulnerable to mice chewing through it, plus it can end up looking awful if you’re not careful.

Something else to consider, do you have leaves next to the foundation of your house, especially inside the window wells? Did you know that by simply removing the leaves from around your foundation, you can greatly reduce the ideal condition for centipedes?

One last tip and it is the one that can make a major difference in the number of pests that will enter your home. That is, make sure that you have at least a one-foot clearance between your home and where your plants begin. By creating that clearance, you have now eliminated the habitat that brings them all right next to your home in the first place. In the end, the sunlight will shine back there and keep those areas dry, and that will go a long way to naturally control the pests – especially those illusive centipedes!

If you do all that and still need help, call BOGO, where the advice is free and the peace of mind is priceless!