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Pest Prevention

“Excellent service and always with the customers best interest in mind. Very knowledgeable and great at what they do!”
-Angela in Golden Valley

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. We also have an abundance of wooded areas as well. Did you know that homes near lakes or, in wooded areas, will have a lot more insects, spiders, and mice? It is very common for a homeowner to remove cob webs only to have them all return within a week. That can be frustrating! Webs also cause a home to look dirtier than a home without any webs catching dust and debris. The good news is, pests can be prevented by having a plan to treat before they become a problem.

The following steps outline the process we use at BOGO Pest Control to customize a Pest Prevention Plan for our customers:

The First Step: Inspection for Pest-Entry Points

We thoroughly inspect your home for pest activity. We inspect the entire exterior to find entry points that can be sealed to stop mice and other unwanted pests from getting inside. Most of our customers really value this service, because it not only reduces insects, but it also stops mice from nesting in your home as well. Last, but not least, those repairs also reduce energy loss. This is called our “Pest Exclusion Service”. After the inspection, we let you know what the cost would be for that service based on what your home needs.

The Second Step: Develop a Customized Pest Prevention Plan

We interview you to find out what kind of pest issues you have had in the past few years. We ask questions like, “Do you have issues with box elder bugs or Asian lady beetles? Have you had to deal with wasps building their nests on your home in their favorite areas? Do you have ants that show up inside or outside? Are you catching mice?

Once we know what pests are an issue for your home, we customize your Pest Prevention Plan to match your needs. We issue you a written proposal so that you understand what to expect from the service and the cost.

Last Step: No Hassle, No Pressure, You Decide…

Consider the proposal and the terms. We do not sign contracts with our customers. We sign Service Agreements. The difference is, you may cancel our Service Agreement at any time for any reason. We hold ourselves accountable for providing quality services that will produce predictable results!

Call BOGO Pest Control today to enjoy a “Pest-Free” home!